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St Luke, Part 2 (12 Half-hour TV Programmes on DVD)

st luke 2

In these programmes Frances brings out in detail the fascinating aspects of Luke's Testimony to Jesus. Luke emphasises Jesus' lovely humanity, His tenderness to those who suffer and His loving forgiveness to those who fail. At the same time he shows Jesus as the Great Warrior who fought Satan successfully for us at the greatest cost to Himself. Luke shows that only a true Son of God can be a truly great human being. Jesus, therefore, is our only model. Jesus' mission was to come as servant, just as Isaiah foretold 800 years before, attacking poverty and oppression. Jesus confronts sickness, sin, death and hell, attacking evil in all its forms. The people of Jesus' time recognised that He was teaching with spiritual authority. Indeed, Frances shows that Jesus, the Anointed One, was speaking from the depths of the Spirit of God.

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