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Frances' Latest Series for TV

Voyage ... A series of 81 programs ... On the Gospel of Matthew

You are welcome to join Frances on a biblical journey that opens one to the height breadth and the depth of the Kingdom of Heaven. Frances proves how the first of the Gospels precisely builds upon foundations laid down in the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures.

Share the wonder and awe that Frances conveys as she opens the Gospel so that we can experience the light as presented by Matthew. This light the collour and splendour converge with that of the other three evangelists to give us the full spectrum of Gods revelation of himself in the Person of Jesus.

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Frances' Latest Series on CD and mp3

Finding Jesus in Genesis ... Series 1 ... Jesus the Word

Here Frances begins a new series of reflections in which she tries to piece together the whole Bible and present it as one complete message. "The treasure hidden in the field of the Scriptures is Christ Himself" we are told. To begin this odyssey Frances presents us with the most fundamental theme of the Bible and puts it together for us - that is the revelation about THE WORD itself - which takes us on a tour of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. She will continue the expedition in other parts of this new series.

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Finding Jesus in Genesis ... Series 2 ... Christ the Light

Finding Jesus in Genesis Christ the Light

Here Frances continues her journey through the Scriptures to find Jesus in Genesis. In this series of talks she picks up the Arrow of Light and follows it throughout the Scriptures so that we can appreciate that when we meet with the Light we are meeting Jesus everywhere! The different ways of describing the Light manifests different aspects of Him to us. .

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Arise! Shine out for your Light has come

In this new series Frances speaks about the high spirituality of the New Era that is dawning upon us amidst all the chaos of today's world. It is a message full of joy and hope, putting us in the same position as Jesus in His day, that "for the joy that was set before Him he endured the cross despising the shame of it" Heb 12:2.

The Body of Christ today faces martyrdom in the same way as Her Head, Jesus, did. His martyrdom issued in a new Era of Grace and Mercy, and that of the Church will issue in the New Era of unity and peace among churches and nations. The present breakdown is the prelude to these events.

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