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A Portrait of the Redeemer

Who is this man who's words carry the same authority as the Lord of creation?

In these talks on Marks Gospel we are helped see the inner creative meaning of the outward signs portrayed by the events and like those who came to Him in the gospel we are invited to stand before Jesus and be fully and completely more

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Father and Son in John's Gospel

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The most thrilling relationship recorded in Scripture is that between the Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son on earth. We observe the passionate commitment that Jesus had to accomplish His Father's Will on earth "as it is done in Heaven", and that at any cost to himself. This is the model that He has given to us to follow, so that we, too, will reach the fullness of life. read more

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Matthew's Testimony to Jesus , part 1

Matthew's Testimony to Jesus This is the first part of Matthew's dramatic presentation of Jesus and his revelation about the beginnings of the Church. He presents Jesus as Israel's true King and Messiah, who fulfilled the sacred Scriptures and yet surprised everyone by his interpretation of kingship and Messiahship. This humble King sought no glory for himself, but served and gave his life for his more

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Matthew's Testimony to Jesus, part 2

Matthew' Testimony to Jesus part 2

Matthew addresses the second half of his Gospel to the Church to prepare it for both the evangelisation of the world, and also the persecution that would accompany it. He warns Christians of the need to live the Gospel, and of their responsibility before God to spread the light of Christ in a world where they were surrounded by unbelief, violence and social breakdown. How relevant for today ! Matthew's prophetic vision was truly given for us in the 21st century. .... read more

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Themes from Luke

Themes from LukeIn these 5 talks we deal with some unique ideas of St. Luke. Among them we show how wide and complex is the whole idea of 'riches' and 'poverty', how Luke balances male and female in his Gospel and how he uses 'woman' to teach many things. read more

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The Mystery of Jesus's Passion

The Mystery of Jesus's PassionThis series of 12 discs (45mins each) is the final part of Matthew's Testimony to Jesus. It brings the gospel to its highest point and also its conclusion... read more

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True Happiness

True HappinessThe Beatitudes were proclaimed by Jesus on the Mount of Revelation after His victory over Satan in the wilderness. Jesus revealed the 'stairway to Heaven' which He wanted the redeemed to climb on their journey into union with God in this life... read more

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