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A Portrait of the Redeemer

To listen to Frances' interview about her new book on EWTN radio,click play button. Left click speaker icon to adjust volume.

The Book is divided into two parts: 1) The Problem, and 2) the Solution. In order to point the way to healing and new life, a diagnosis of the problems discussed is given in the first half, which also includes pointers towards new life, health and wholeness for the Nation. In fact the first half is a journey leading us to want to move towards a solution.

The second half (The Solution) is also a journey from deciding to choose new life to completing the process of rebuilding in the last chapter. In this journey we learn about a new Patriotism for this new task. The last chapter leads one to reading the first chapter in a new light because you read it with a different perspective. The whole book is in fact one journey from chaos in society to order, from hell on earth to rebuilding the Kingdom of God.

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